Baux Light

Highly Commended project Young Creatives Awards 2020

A piece designed to highlight our awareness of waste.

The reflective dish moves around the frame, allowing the light to be reflected upon the base in different ways. Not only does this represent the narrative of the piece, it can be used to direct light as a reading or ambient light.

The base can be used as a side table and has a space for storing books and magazines. 

A floor lamp that uses a harmful waste material to add beauty.

The base incorporates bauxite residue, an abundant waste material from the production of aluminium, with concrete to give this unique colour. By contrasting this with the aluminium dish, the light is designed to raise awareness of the waste we produce.


Sketch development

Reflective design.

The reflective dish is made from aluminium, the material that produces the bauxite residue waste. This contrast of materials is designed to question our view of materials and waste.