Un Dressing Table

Winning project in Smart Living and Mobility ISOLA Milan Design Festival 2021 

Shortlisted project Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show 2020

Designed to provide an intimate space to undress from the stress of modern life

To settle, breathe and focus. The Un Dressing Table is a serene space designed for self-care routines. In our hectic lives we are often bombarded with distractions and rarely allow ourselves time to slow down and switch off.

Constructed from oak, finished in a way that looks pale and raw, the Un Dressing Table surrounds you in inviting materials that are natural to the touch. Simple, refined storage is an important feature of the table as organisation and tidiness play a role in our relaxation. Instead of traditional drawers, the table has sturdy cotton baskets with solid oak bases which can be tucked away. These add a tactile depth to the piece.  

Inspired by the spirituality of Japanese culture

Inspired by patterns found in Japanese construction, the table's legs have repeating slats to let light and air freely pass through. By creating the illusion of solidness from one view and openness from another, the legs add to the sense of calming depth. When the light shines through them, shadows reveal precise forms. The pure yet striking structure of the Un Dressing Table is reminiscent of Japanese architecture and spiritual culture. 

"As humans I think we need spaces where our minds can be quiet and not overstimulated. The Un Dressing Table provides this."

A small range of 'lifestyle' objects were designed to accompany the Un Dressing Table. The aim is to encourage people to create rituals which allow time to unwind and reconnect with themselves. This range is formed of three different sized oak 'valet' trays, glass bell jars to cloak skin care products, a brass and oak jewellery tree for treasured items, a glass carafe and a teapot with cups. 

Designed for disassembly

Easy disassembly was an important consideration. This allows for easy repairs and more eco-friendly distribution.